Since it is Halloween, I thought I would blog about one conspiracy in the world. Vampires. It also just happens to be what I am dressing up as tonight as well!

I read a lot of books and watch a lot of TV shows that have vampires in them. Ever since I was a child, I was interested in vampires. There are a lot of different qualities that people say vampires have such as mind reading, excellent hearing, excellent vision, amazing strength, and fast speed, but the only thing that is for certain is that they drink blood.

You may be wondering if I think vampires are real. Well, I honestly don’t know. I’d like to think that once people die, they are dead, but the thought that someone could be immortal? Is that not intriguing? You never have to worry about dying by the hands of another human or anything. Only the hands of another vampire.

There has recently been a group of people around the world who identifies themselves as real vampires. They’re not hundreds of years old, they don’t sleep in coffins, and they’re not afraid of garlic, but they do drink human blood. Studies show that there are two types of vampires. Sanguinarian and psychic. Both of these types are after one thing, and one thing only, to live. Energy.

Sanguinarian vampires get their energy from blood, which is the way we normally hear about in all of the stories we hear about vampires. “Today, there was a body found and it had no blood left. Researchers think it might be a vampire attack.” The psychic vampires get their energy from touching people or other methods of mental and/or psychical contact.

“Real vampires” say that they turn normally around or after puberty. The loss of energy that most people take fore granted. These people can’t change who they are, so instead of dreaming and wishing to be someone else, they embrace it.


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