Life’s a Candy Store

If I got to be six years old again for a day, I think I would want to spend it with my dad. He passed away in 2010 and I didn’t know him to well, but it still affected me emotionally. It affected me a lot more than what I thought it would, and a lot of people say that twenty four hours isn’t a long time to get to know someone, but if you have no good memories of that person, it would be a lot of time to know someone.

To start off the day, we would get up really early. Like, 6am. He would make me breakfast, but not any breakfast. It has to be my favorite breakfast. Biscuits and gravy and eggs with cheese. Then we would go to a little fair in town and I would make him ride all the rides with me, which wouldn’t take long since it’s not an amusement park. Then I would make him take me out for lunch. I would want a burger and ice cream. Then I would ask him if we could go see my brother, since at the time my brother was a part of my life.

When we got to my brothers house, I would ask my dad to go to the park. Then I would tell my brother to chase me on the playground. (Keep in mind that my brother is about fifteen years older than I am). Then my dad would catch me down at the bottom of the slide and then my brother would come down the slide and catch up to me and tickle me until I gave up. Then I would get them to go play on the swings with me. Then we would go back to my brothers house and I would ask him to play games with me. So then we would all play games together and then he would cook me dinner. Chicken with macaroni and cheese and mashed potato’s. Then my dad and I would go to the movies and watch a dog movie. After the movie, on our way home, I would ask him to stop at the store so we could get snacks.

For snacks, I would get him to buy milk, Oreos, 3 musketeers, kit Kats, and a soda to drink. Then we would go home and he would make me clean my room before we do anything else, but I would talk him into playing with me and my Barbie’s first. Then I would go clean my room. After that, we would get out pillows and blankets and watch a movie of my dad’s choosing and eat a bunch of snacks we got from the store. When he would try to carry me to bed because I had fell asleep, I would tell him to read me the story of Little Red Riding Hood because I woke up. And then as he kissed my forehead and told me goodnight, I would give him the biggest hug in the world and tell him to never forget how much I love him and that everyone makes mistakes in their life. It just so happened that his mistake took his life. And when I woke up in the morning, I would go downstairs and see that I was 17 again, but I wouldn’t be sad. Instead I would be happy and smile because I got to spend the day with my dad the previous day and I got to tell him how much I love him no matter what mistakes he made while he was alive.


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